Trading Strategies Interview with Nial Fuller

Trading Strategies Interview with Nial Fuller

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7 Responses to “Trading Strategies Interview with Nial Fuller”

  1. jodycody100 says:

    i bumped into Nial on Utube. he immediately caught my attention. and i bought his course which at 299$ was a steal. so many talk of ‘price action’ but don’t explain what it is. Nial does. He shows price IN action and how, by being able to understand what the candles are telling you, you can become a very successful trader. as i, after 7 years struggle, have finally become. i highly recommend this course to anyone, because at any level, his strategies will give you that extra edge.

  2. spsenator says:

    nice vid…but where have i heard just about every word spoken here before??

  3. xfactor0927 says:

    Nial knows what he is talking about, period. His trading course is very relevant and has personally turned my trading around 180 degrees. He has a ton of free info and videos at his website. I suggest you check it out if your into trading at all.

  4. Rdowns69 says:

    Nice to put a face with a method. So many people trying to sell forex courses are too far out of touch. Thanks Nial.

  5. ashwani526 says:

    it is so real you explain like a pro.

  6. maxdecimus88 says:

    2:33 “avoid indicators on charts” – Words of wisdom indeed. I have been building and testing EA’s for a couple of years now, gettting some success using Pivot Points, i doubled an account in a month, only to give it all back in a week! ..

    Anyway, i could see that the indicators i was using: MA’s, MACD, Bolly Bands etc were just adding confusion to the chart. (some may argue i dont know how to use indicators.. maybe) But removing all indicators has opened a new chapter for me.

  7. joshuademoraes says:

    @maxdecimus88 sometimes I feel frustated on development a method that really works …I think that keeping simple the method is the best way to be consistenly in long run…

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