New Equity Index Futures Trading Systems Hit The Market

Midas Trading Systems, an online vendor and developer of futures trading systems, announces release of a new line of equity index trading systems. This release will round out the Morning Star suite of systems, and provide subscribers a plethora of trading systems covering every major futures market.
The Morning Star suite of systems formerly included only metals, grains, financials (bonds), energies, and currencies. With this new release of equity index systems added to the list, the Morning Star suite of systems will be complete and offer systems in all major futures markets.
Trading systems are objective, rule-based methods of buying or selling a stock or other financial product. The rules are usually coded into a computer program, and the computer then executes trades by buying and selling a given security according to the rules. Midas’ systems are computer-based, algorithmic trading systems designed to the trade the futures market.
‘The equity indexes are among the most heavily traded futures contracts in the world,’ commented Jon McClaren, President and Founder of Midas Trading Systems. ‘These systems will allow our subscribers to take advantage of our great track of success from other markets in the equity indexes for the first time.’
The markets covered by this release include: the E-mini S&P 500, the E-mini Nasdaq 100, the E-mini Dow, the E-mini Russell 2000, and the E-mini S&P Midcap 400. The number of new equity index systems totals 20.
When asked why equity index trading systems were of interest to traders, Midas President McClaren had this to say, ‘These contracts are used not only by institutional hedgers, investors, and fund managers, but are very commonly traded by individual and small-time traders. By releasing this new group of systems, we are answering requests we’ve heard from both traders and fund managers for consistently profitable equity index systems.’
These equity index futures trading systems focus on what are known as the ‘E-minis’. These are electronic only contracts that are fraction of their larger, and formerly heavily traded, ‘big’ contracts. The E-minis offer traders closer spreads, better execution, and more liquidity, in addition to being electronically traded virtually 24/5.
Midas Trading Systems is a CFTC-registered Commodity Trading Advisor and offers trading systems to both individual traders and large institutional fund managers. With a wide array of systems in every popular futures market, they provide diversification and flexibility for their subscribers.
Traders that want to take advantage of these new equity index systems, or any system that Midas offers, has two options. The first is to download the use the system on their own TradeStation platform. The other is to have the system traded one of Midas’ NFA-licensed Chicago-based futures brokers.

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