Honest Forex Signals Service Comparison To Best Forex Trade Signals

In this article I want to do a comparison of Honest Forex Signals and Best Forex Trade Signals. Both these services provide trade alerts to their subscribers. By using the signals, people who don’t have the expertise to trade Forex, or simply don’t have the time, can profit in the currency markets. But make no mistake about it, there are big differences between signals services.

Here is a comparison video of Honest Forex Signals and Best Forex Trade Signals:

Honest Forex Signals gets its trades from Robbie Newton, a seasoned Forex trader. He uses Day trading strategies during the London and New York sessions. He looks for 30-50 pips per trade and places on average 1-4 trades each trading day. His daily is 30-80 pips of profit, and he tries to keep his stops as tight as possible.

Trade signals are delivered automatically to your Metatrader4 platform by a Trade Copy software program. You need to set your own risk management into the trade copier and make sure your trading platform is hooked up to the Internet all the time in order to get the trade signals.

Best Forex Trade Signals offers a selection of signals services to pick from, each one based on a different trading strategy. Trade signals are also placed directly to your Metatrader4 platform, but this time through broker to broker trade copying. You don’t need to download platforms, set up EA’s or use a VPS to keep your account hooked to the Internet. As soon as trades are placed or modified on the master signals account, they same action is taken on the subscriber’s account on the broker level.

Both these services are created with the intention of providing “honest” and profitable signal alerts. Therefore, providing performance results is a must. Best Forex Trade Signals provides performance reporting in real time through a 3rd part statement publisher. For this reason, Best Forex Trade Signals is more transparent than Honest Forex Signals, which only shows past statements from different time periods, traders and systems.

The most compelling argument for picking Best Forex Trade Signals is the fact that both trade signals and advanced money management is passed on the the subscriber. With Honest Forex Signals, each subscriber needs to figure out their own money management, so each trader following the signals is going to get different results. While the pip gains will be the same, the amount of money earned will vary greatly depending on the settings used.

One the other hand, with Best Forex Trade Signals both the signals and risk is the same for each trader. For this reason, the subscriber should get similar percentage gains or losses as the signals service. This makes it easier to see if this is the right signals service for you.

I believe most people join a signals service because they don’t have the skills or time to trade manually. For this reason, I don’t like the idea of leaving the most vital aspect of successful trading, the risk management, in the hands of novices. In this way, Best Forex Trade Signals does a better job of giving an “honest” report of what one should expect when joining this service.

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