Forex Trading Signals Service Gives Twice The Signals

Set and Forget Forex Signals is a signals service provider that believes for a signals service to be valuable to its subscribers, it needs to be simple to follow and take as little time as possible. Most of the people that subscribe to a signals service are people who don’t know how to trade themselves or lack the time to do so. Set and Forget Forex Signals eliminates this obstacle by providing trade alerts at the same time every trading day which only have to be added to the subscribers trading account.

Now Set and Forget Forex Signals gives subscribers two trading packages for the same price. The first signals package is named Quitting Time FX Signals and is traded at 5:30 PM New York time. The second signals package is named Couch Potato FX Signals and is traded at 8:30 PM New York time. The cost for the service has not been increased.

Quitting Time Forex Signals trades the GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF currency pairs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. At around 5:30 PM New York time, subscribers gain access to the signals in the member’s area. All signals are pending orders the subscriber can easily place with their broker.

Couch Potato Forex Signals also trades the GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF currency pairs. Signals are given on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at around 8:30 PM New York time. Member’s can access the signals instructions inside the member’s area.

When asked why this added trading time was made available to members, Edward Lomax, head trader at Set and Forget Forex signals said, “Members now can pick the trading time that fits their busy schedule best, or trade both the signals packages if time permits. This allows some members to double the potential profits from the signals. We only ask that people trade the signals on different trading accounts and treat them as independent signals”.

It is not necessary for members to trade both signals packages. Subscribers should pick the package that fits their schedule the best. Don’t try to choose the “best” signals, because one is not necessarily better than the other every month. If subscribers have the time to trade both, they can diversify their trading and potentially double their trading profits.

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