Forex Trading: How Much Money Can You Make?

Let’s get straight to the point. People want to trade Forex because they want to make money. They see the claims other Forex traders are making and they also want to live the dream of huge profits, the rich life and the pride that comes from improving your financial status.

The problem is, most people that get involved in Forex trading don’t have a point of reference. They learn about Forex from the Internet or something they seen in a magazine or books. The truth is, very few people know any real traders and even fewer have real information about how much money an at home trader can make.

The question is, “Are the claims you see on the Internet real”? Are the reports of huge, fast profits something real, or some kind of marketing trick? If you start your Forex journey based on unfounded and padded results, you are setting the stage to fail. The best way to set yourself up for success is to align your expectations with realistic, achievable goals.

If you do some investigation on the Internet and look for yearly percentage gains of other investment vehicles like hedge funds, the S&P 500 or mutual funds, you’ll find numbers like 5%, 15% or maybe 20% a year. These are returns of professional traders who do this for a living. So, should you expect 100% gains every month by trading Forex in your spare time from your house?

Don’t get me wrong. Forex trading is a great way to make lots of money, if done the right way. You can build tremeneous wealth over time. But you’ll never become profitable if you expect too much, too fast.

How much money you make trading Forex depends on a lot of factors. First of all, what is the starting balance of your trading account? Then things like the trading system you use, your risk management strategy, the size of your stop loss, etc. come into play. Everything together determines how much money you can make.

One trick is to pay attention to percentage gains rather than monitary claims. If someone makes $103,945 trading a strategy, that does not mean you are going to make the same amount with a $500 starting balance. However, if the strategy makes 8% average gains, you can figure out what that would mean with your starting balance.

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