Forex Trade Signals Service Advanced Money Management

There is a huge question you should be asking if you want to be a profitable trader using Forex signals. What you should be asking is, “What type of money management should I be using with the signals”? Best Forex Trade Signals uses pro, dynamic risk management which is copied by subscribers. But is the signals service you are subscribed to, or the manual trading system you are trading for that matter, using the best currency trading risk management?

I’ve seen it countless times. You start learning a Forex system or join a Forex service and you are given tons of information about trade setups. And when everything is about to wrap up, you are told, “Use proper money management for success”. They might even say money management is the most important part of trading. But they don’t really tell you what the best money management is, do they?

Here is a video on money management for Forex signals users…

Without a doubt, risk management is the most important aspect of trading the currency markets. Without proper money management, or what I often call risk management, it is only a matter of time before your account takes a devastating blow. Sadly, too many novice traders are so concerned with learning trading strategies, risk management becomes an afterthought. Or at least that is the experience I’ve had talking to would-be traders.

People using signals services are not immune to this problem. Whether you are trading the signals by placing them manually or having the trade placed on autopilot, the person usually responsible for the money management settings is you. If you set these risk management parameters incorrectly, you could end up losing money even with a good signals service.

To make matters worse, the majority people subscribed to Forex signals services are people who lack trading and risk management knowledge. This means they could have the wrong idea about what to expect, and not fully understand the risk. If they get the risk management part of using the service wrong, it could turn an otherwise successful signals service into an empty account.

Not all signals services leave the important element of money management in the hands of the subscriber. Best Forex Trade Signals, for example, is a signals service that completely understands the importance of using advanced risk management. Furthermore, this service understands the success of the subscribers to the signals also depends on using advanced money management. So the service do something different than most. They have it so the followers use the same risk of the Master account, which uses advanced risk management.

Best Forex Trade Signals uses a dynamic money management formula to figure out the proper lot size of each trade. The lot size is determined by using a percentage of the account balance, plus past performance. When in a winning period, the lot size is calculated using the full percentage allowed. But when in a losing period, the percentage is lowered until the system starts performing better.

Essentially what you have is the perfect situation. Maximum gains are made during winning streaks. But, when the system goes through a losing period, the lot sizes are decreased and the risk is reduced. In the end, you profit more during winning streaks and lose less when you lose. (And don’t be fooled, every system has periods of losses).

The subscriber to the service benefit from this advanced, professional money management technique in the following way. First, the trades are copied on the broker level to ensure they are correctly placed and managed. Second, the risk percentage used on the follower’s account is the same as the percentage used in the master signals account. This means the follower uses the same risk as the master account based on their account size.

It should be clear, Best Forex Trade Signal delivers both signals and the best currency trading risk management. They don’t deliver high profit potential signals and then have the subscriber decide on the important issue of money management. This is a recipe for disaster, even it the trade signals are profitable for the signals account. They make sure the trades are taken just like in the master account, meaning the subscriber automatically benefits from both the high probability trade signals and the professional money management strategy used.

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