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  2. misyiel says:

    very interesting!

  3. Capnfunky says:

    Atleast its short

  4. kathijabanu says:


  5. grahamh57 says:

    Short & to the point!

  6. robustrocky01 says:

    Thats really Amazing !!

  7. ronju7966 says:

    That’s really great!!

  8. jonvanbrunning says:

    looks like something i could do.

  9. jonvanbrunning says:

    looks like something i could do.

  10. rawrheartrobo says:

    this is awesome!

  11. fmpisces says:

    Cool Video, very interesting indeed!

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  14. MarvinDrCandle says:

    Wow thats a nice ride good work brother!!!

  15. randyc2958 says:

    Super work!

  16. sylvg says:

    nice porsche bro… Great job you’ve done!

  17. yahoovisitor says:

    Pakistans national wealth in forex accounts owned directly or indirectly by its political filth is not their money. Its the money of a common man obtained in the name of aid/loan from USA/IMF/W.Bank on the issue of poverty and development. But the same has first been confiscated into forex accts & then enforced/recovered by a common man in the shape of inflation but he didnt see a glimpse of the money charged from him. Its the money all international banks owe to a common man of Pakistan.

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  19. x0xOne says:

    Hopefully you won’t give it back to the market ! hahaha 6 months?

  20. Truhacheva says:

    wow! well done!

    Great car, you must be living the dream.

  21. ambiguousrat1810 says:

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