Foreign Exchange Trading System Or Foreign Exchange Signals Provider?

I get asked a lot why I became a Forex signals provider instead of simply teaching people my Forex trading strategy. Obviously, if people learned how to trade my trading strategy correctly, they could avoid the monthly payments of a Foreign Exchange signals provider. But the answer goes much deeper than that, and has to do with a realization I had after years of trying to trade Forex profitably.

My journey into Forex is probably much like your own. I discovered currency trading and thought it would be a great way to make money. After all, the people selling strategies made it sound so easy. I quickly found out trading profitably and sticking to the trading rules is harder than I wanted it to be.

If you’ve ever been to a Foreign Exchange forum, you know there are plenty of people looking to trade profitably that have failed. Many people think trading strategies, especially mechanical trading strategies, don’t exist and are doomed to fail. With only 5% of people trying Forex succeeding, it is easy to see find frustrated people.

In reality, there are trading systems out there that work. They give strong signals if traded accurately and with professional money management can be profitable. Don’t fool yourself, there is no trading system or trader that does not have losing trades. But you can still be profitable in spite of the losses. The problem is, 95% of the people who try to trade them fail because they can not and do not trade the system properly.

There are many reasons a person can fail at trading a Forex trading system even if the system is good. Most of the problems have to do with finding the time to trade. The other major problem is using risky money management and risking too much of their account balance on any given trade. Whatever the reason, it is the person that causes the strategy to fail, not the system itself.

This is why I find it pointless to try and teach trading systems. Even if I teach my exact trade setups, the people will not be able to use the system accurately and won’t get good results. In the end, as is human nature, they will blame me and my strategy instead of accepting any blame. So, why would I sell something that only 5% of the people are going to do correctly, and have to deal with negative criticism from the 95% of the people who mess it up?

On the other hand, by providing exact trade levels Foreign Exchange signals provider, Set and Forget Forex Signals, I make it possible for others to duplicate my results closely. By just placing the trade alerts as instructed at the same time every day, other people can copy my results with little trouble. I feel this is a much better way to help people succeed in Forex.

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