Foreign Exchange Signals Proof

Throughout this article, I want to go over some thoughts on Forex Signals Provider Proof. What should you focus on to gain trust in the service? Are you going to get the same pip numbers reported by the signals service? These are some of the questions that need answering.

What Type Of Forex Signals Service Proof To Focus On

Many people look for proof in the form of a 3rd party account statement publisher. There are services like MT4i and MyFXBook that let you hook up your trading account to their site and report in real time what is happening in your account. This can be used to publish the performance of the signals service in a transparent way.

While this looks like a perfect solution, there is one problem. The way I see it, the signals service should be able to prove the pips they claim to make really come from the signals they provide. Using one of these 3rd party account statement publisher shows much more. You can see money earned or lost as well as percentage gains or losses. The problem with these numbers is they only reflect one possible outcome of using the signals using one money management strategy.

The role of a signals service subscriber is to duplicate as close as possible the pip numbers. But the winning or losses or the percentages your account reflects is determined by your account balance and the risk management strategy used to calculate lot size. Therefore, the numbers provided by these services can lead to false conclusions and distort the decision making process.

Can You Copy The Signals Provider Pip Numbers?

The signals service showing they make a certain number of pips is one thing, but you getting the same results is quite another. You need to be able to trade the signals accurately and duplicate the trading outcome. If you miss trades because the signals are delivered 24 hours a day, you are not going to get the same results. If your trades do not match the service you are following because you use an unreliable trade copier, you will also fail to get similar results as the service you are following.

Due to different broker price feeds, different spread values and slippage, a certain amount of difference between the signals service and your account should be expected. For these reasons, using different brokers will yield slightly different results, and this is normal. You would need to use the exact same broker to duplicate the signals perfectly.

Signals Service With Good Forex Signals Service Proof

Set And Forget Forex Signals show snapshots of the trade levels and results. This Forex Signals Provider Proof shows the results they report actually come from the signals they give subscribers. And since you place trades only once a day and they are set and forget, it is very easy to use these signals and get similar results.

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