EToro’s CopyTrader Is Here! You’ll Find The New Way To Do Forex Trading

Let’s say that you’re among the thousands of folks who would like to give currency and commodities trading a shot but don’t have the time to learn all the various trading techniques, to follow economic data releases or even to evaluate market movements every day. Up until now, you would have had to simply let go of your desires of financial glory, however with eToro’s groundbreaking new etoro CopyTrader feature, that is no longer the situation!

CopyTrader is a new function of eToro’s social trading network. The guru of etoro copy trader is that it enables you to make use of the knowledge and expertise of other traders on a regular basis. All you have to do is pick which profitable trader you intend to follow by looking at the ratings and checking out the traders’ rate of success, trading style, number of followers, etc. Once you find the trader or traders for you personally, all it takes is a click of the button and his or her trades will become your trades.

It might appear simple, but this is a genuine innovation in the world of forex and commodities trading, a shift from market-based or financial-instrument-based trading to people-based trading. Instead of agonizing over which currency to purchase or sell, the only decision you now have to make is who you want to trade for you and exactly how much of your account you want to dedicate to replicating each trader you choose. The more traders you copy, the more diverse your risk portfolio.

Certainly, you still maintain full control over your trades. All the parameters are completely transparent, starting with the spread and ending with the percentage of your balance which is invested in each trade. Don’t like the way a trade is headed, or would like to capitulate on the profit straight away? There’s certainly no need to wait for your trader to make a move – you can close a trade or edit the stops whenever you wish. And if a trader’s strategy is not working for you in general, it takes only one click to detach yourself from him or her.

The final goal, as you can probably imagine, is to assemble a dream team of diverse traders who you can copy indefinitely and then simply watch your profits build up. Unlike forex robots or paid traders, the traders you copy through CopyTrader have no agenda other than to make profits for themselves, so you never have to worry about them mismanaging your funds. Moreover, for the sake of promoting responsible trading, CopyTrader only lets you set aside a maximum of 20% of your account for copying any one trader, to ensure the diversity of your trading profile.

EToro also intends to introduce a Guru reward program in the very near future, to compensate traders with a large following for all the rewards they bring to the eToro trading community.

CopyTrader is already available on eToro social trading network. Click here to read full etoro copy trader review !

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