Currency Hedging

Currency hedging is an approach that aims to control the degree of risk that may be present when you participate in some type of foreign investment strategy. Essentially, the structure of a currency hedging process is an attempt to compensate for possible variations in the relative value of such currency in the investment plan. There is a hope that by minimizing the exposure of the investor from adverse changes in the money market, a reasonable return on investment be achieved even if the currency in question drops.Currency hedging is a method used to attempt to manage the degree of risk that may be present when making a transaction involving foreign currency exchange. For example, when you are dealing for property abroad, you might face some risky situations due to fluctuations in  Before currency hedging method there were only two ways to manage such currency exchange risk.

1) Wait until you need to make a foreign exchange transaction or payment with  and accept prevalent currency rate.

2) To fix the exchange rate with forward contract with the help of currency broker.

Now there is third alternative, Hedging strategies that are designed to manage exchange risk, that protects you from rate movement variations.  Currency hedging minimizes the exposure to holder of the money being transferred to unfavorable future shifts in the exchange rate.

Basic idea of hedging is to convert the currency when the rate of exchange is good and then invest with the native currency of the country where you want to invest. If investor wants to invest in US based company shares, the investor would  considering the exchange rates in uk and then use that sterling for purchase.

To protect against possible changes in exchange rates, the investor should normally agree to sell shares after a given period. The speed at which shares are sold, may be slightly lower than the exchange rate between the pound and the euro, which was in force when the shares were purchased. This creates a situation where the investor is able to make a substantial profit if the euro appreciates against the pound in the meantime. Conversely, if the euro weakens against the pound during this period, the loss is minimized by contract to sell the shares, which prevents a total loss for the investor. Overall, the Hedging mechanism offers investors some protection against currency fluctuations.

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