Best Forex Trade Signals: 3 Must Have Qualities

There is no doubt, finding the best Forex trade signals is something a lot of people ant to do. After all, using Forex signals eliminates many of the problems people face like having to learn a system, having to spend hour in front of the computer and having to control your emotions under live trading conditions. Unfortunately, most people fail to find the Forex signals service they are looking for that brings them long term and consistent profits. In the rest of this article, I’m going to go over 3 characteristics to look for that is going to make your search a lot easier.

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The Forex Signals Service Should Have Results Verified By A 3rd Party

The first thing people look for in Currency trading alerts to follow is positive results. Past profits does not ensure future gains, but past results is still important when evaluating a signals service. Obviously, you want to find a Forex signals service that is successful over time. This does not mean finding one with unrealistic results, or one with a 100% win rate. It only means finding a signals service with positive results over time.

In this day and age, there are many third party tracking services that make providing account statements very simple. Therefore, you should look for signals services that provide account statements using one of the 3rd party services like MyFXBook or MT4i and not just snapshots or made up graphs. With the available capability to show real results updated in real time, you should only trust Forex services willing to use one of these services to show their performance.

The Forex Signals Should Use Advanced Money Management

Money management is the most important parts of profitable Forex signal. In reality, money management consists of using the right lot size, placing the trade with a good risk to reward ratio and managing the trade to profit. You want to use the right lot size for your account balance and number of trades taken on the account at any given time. You must also have a good risk to reward ratio when the trade is placed. You should also look for signals that manage the trade by moving the stop to break-even at some point and take partial profits.

The best money management strategy is the use of dynamic lot sizing. You use a specific percentage of your account for each trade based on your account balance and stop loss size at the time. The formula is dynamic in that it raises the percentage risked on the trade based on past performance. This means you use higher lot sizes during winning streaks and lower lot sizes during losing streaks, which can improve your overall performance over the long run.

The Best Forex Trade Signals Use Broker To Broker Trade Copying

To get the most out of a signals service you need to be able to copy the trades perfectly. Manually trading Forex signals can be very challenging and you end up getting very different results than the service you are following. For this reason, it is recommended to use a Forex signals service that uses automated trade copying between a Master and Slave account.

There are two ways you can automatically copy trades. You can use a trade copy expert advisor, or a service that copies the trades on the broker level. Taking everything into consideration, broker to broker trade copying is the most reliable option. When copying trades on the broker level, you don’t have to download platforms, load and set up expert advisors or have to keep your platform connected to the Internet by leaving you computer on or using a VPS.

In conclusion, the best Forex trade signals should use a 3rd party to verify results in real time, use dynamic money management and use trade copying on the broker level.

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