100 Pips in Under 25 Minutes – Easy as ABCD! (Forex Trading)

You read that right… how to earn 100 pips (that’s 0 if you trade just 1 mini-lot) in just under 25 minutes! An overview of the ABCD pattern and how to use it together with Fibonacci retracements & extensions.

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24 Responses to “100 Pips in Under 25 Minutes – Easy as ABCD! (Forex Trading)”

  1. TheBigCheesebread says:

    Yuck, BS

  2. TheBigCheesebread says:


  3. forexnittygrittyfx says:

    Nice video and chart.

  4. forexnittygrittyfx says:

    Nice video and candle chart.

  5. matburit says:

    complicated !!!

  6. tripletrend says:

    the only scalping being done in the FOREX is by those selling ridiculous robots and systems. The commodity and futures markets, including the GLOBEX, are regulated markets. FOREX is very CORRUPT!

  7. forexdaily says:

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  8. webbtz3591 says:

    You can lose money ,put that in mind

  9. forexyard says:

    The setup is good with finding entry and exit points, but the usage of such short time periods makes it risky. Longer term trade setups like this one can be a bit more predictable such as those that are on display from Forexyard

  10. awsoni says:

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  11. i0am0a0daytrader says:

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  12. OilTradingAcademy says:

    Oil goes up and down because a computer controls it to do so, same as the Forex, same as Gold, they are all controlled by a computer. I trade Oil for a living, and if you want to take a giant step out of the Matrix and learn the “code” for Oil, come visit me at my website “Oil Trading Academy”, and I’ll teach you the secret to end all trading secrets, and show you how to make your own money trading Oil for a living very easily. And no this isn’t a scam or a joke, David

  13. suprattkk says:

    he didn’t mention 95% of traders lose money 😀 and the 5% are bank traders lol

  14. jesusgaud8 says:


  15. thetruth786110 says:

    a 100 pips is $10 per pip and 100*10 is $1000 not $200

  16. thetruth786110 says:

    @tripletrend so why do you have in yor info section that you advise on forex? ur a fucking joke.. this is the same as this guy

  17. thetruth786110 says:

    @suprattkk the retail forex trders are the smallest actors in this martker if 95% of traders (meaning retail traders) lose money and the 5% win. This is true for business as well.. But i know that i will succed in forex or on other financial trading platforms or in business. Btw ihave been learing forex for a 6 months and i am going to trade first on a demo and then on paper on live trading for year before i put my money in.. so i am safe bitch!

  18. tripletrend says:


    While I may list FOREX in my tags as a way to get people to view my videos, the only advice I give on FOREX is DON’T TRADE IT! If you visit my website, the first few paragraphs on my website makes that very clear.

    I only trade Commodities/Futures. I do not trade FOREX and I do not trade Stocks.

  19. suprattkk says:

    @thetruth786110 go for it, i paper traded for close to 2 years and yet try and trade the news….you can’t your broker will take the first 30 pips lol so you have to make 30 pips to come out even. if you trade futures you have to get filled at a specific price – fifo…but i’m sure you knew that not! you’re about as safe as america from going belly up

  20. phpworker says:

    wow, didn’t knew that detail that detail about where tp should be 😉

  21. magellanphone says:

    I think everyone should listen to this guy. Intraday trading is really smart I would just look at the 5 min chart. Fib is the only indicator you need to. Thanks for all of your money

  22. dell1972 says:

    Can you really make $100 in 25 mins with different Currency Pair? Thanks!

  23. FOREXautoPILOT says:

    i got free one

  24. OilTradingAcademy says:

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