Forex Killer from by Andreas Kirchberger?

Forex Killer requires no trading experience and seems to offer forex signal generator software that they have designed.


Has anyone traded forex using this software and what were the results like?

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One Response to “Forex Killer from by Andreas Kirchberger?”

  1. Xelam says:

    i have not traded using the software you mentioned but one thing is for sure, without experience you are bound to loose your money.

    i suggest instead you check your options in this site. they do not provide auto signals or tippers, instead, they will provide a REAL, LIVE PERSON called Account Service Manager who is actually an expert in the field of forex trading to be your mentor, adviser, friend and trading partner.

    the volatility of the market is so high that no amount of computerized maneuver can really predict the outcome of currency pairs but your Account Service manager can give expert advises, tricks and strategies to become successful in your trading activities based on actual, real experiences and years of trading. He/she will even trade with you until you become familiar with the system and you can then trade on your own. And you can always interact with other expert forex traders in their chat room.

    Start by registering and downloading a Free Ebook. If you are a newbie in this field, you need to read a lot to learn the trade.

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