Lmt Forex Formula week 3 Results

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3 Responses to “Lmt Forex Formula week 3 Results”

  1. causechange says:

    Why arn’t you doing a review on both 4 hour and daily? Particularly if the 4 hour is doing so well?

  2. RekabDan says:

    That is something we may consider doing. We originally decided to do the day charts because that is the time frame for which the system was designed.

  3. jericatal says:

    Would LMT Forex Formula still work for me if I can only get to my computer after 5p.m. pacific standard time. I know you guys mentioned 1-2 hours after daily bar closes is okay. But that’s East coast time.
    Do you know of any or recommend any brokers that would work for me in my position. Thanks!

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