Forex Auto Robot II FOREX TRADING no Loss ForexAutoRobot We recommend FOREX trading!

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    21 Responses to “Forex Auto Robot II FOREX TRADING no Loss”

    1. erod84 says:

      How much did you start with? the deposit amount?

    2. FOREXautoPILOT says:

      the min is $250 to open live account, or you can start with DEMO account just to try it out (watch my first video robot on a $5000 demo account)

    3. erod84 says:

      No No. How much did you deposit on your own live account in this video?

    4. FOREXautoPILOT says:

      in this video deposit $2000, but all trades are for 1 lot

    5. FOREXautoPILOT says:

      u can start with $250 deposit – from 5-6 trades u can make on average $100-$170. Good luck!

    6. FOREXautoPILOT says:

      i have posted another video with my LIVE ACCOUNT trades! Pretty good results – please take a look

    7. neczo80 says:

      Hi,how much you pay about this “Robot”.What you would say about other types of market products?I am very sceptic but..omg its would be wonderful

    8. neczo80 says:

      Hi , how much you pay for this robot?What you would say about other types of market products

    9. arnoldbosnan says:

      Is it an auto pilot that will automatic sell and buy for me when I sleep and it will never go wrong? I will not lose money at my single trade?

    10. FOREXautoPILOT says:

      FAP doing very well still… May-June 2009… 84% profitable trades on live account

    11. markfreek44 says:

      How can i get it??

    12. tx47gp says:

      thanks for sharing, downloaded from your link!

    13. HilariousRINGTONES says:

      thank you alex

    14. ACAIscam says:

      yeah, me tooo

    15. richbrel44 says:

      Thank you very much for sharing

    16. nicolsjames11 says:

      downloaded from the link, thanks

    17. jasondamon41 says:

      Thank U, downloaded

    18. jackburret77 says:

      Good, thanks!!!

    19. walkermark43 says:

      Got it ! Thanks dude!

    20. officenet3 says:

      cheers, tks for share!

    21. SECRETantiAGINGvid says:

      cheers alex

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