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Forex Currency Trade

Forex currency trade. I was reading the blog at and found the following interesting. The Forex market is a 24-hour trading place, Sunday through Friday, giving you the option of trading at any time of the day or night. Unlike the stock market, it doesnt close with the ringing of the bell. Forex online […]


Automated Forex Software

Looking for automated forex software?  The author at said What is better than a trading robot who does all the work for you and gets the work done with the best desired results- so that the end result is that you reap a gigantic profit? Indeed, the dream of the trader who aims for […]


Currency Trading Forex

photo credit: Wesley Fryer Online currency forex trading attracts people from all over the world as it can potentially be a very lucrative career.  Forex is popular because it doesn’t require you to have a college degree, the basics of  currency trading can be learned in a few weeks, and you can trade online.  An […]